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The time crawled slower than a freighter aligning for warp. The ETA was twenty minutes away, and we had waited at this moon for over three hours. You would think that being a pilot of a ship which travels faster than the speed of light at would make you more levelheaded, but for those last twenty minutes I was a mess.

“Are we ready?” I asked Kor for the fourth time in as many minutes.
“How could we be more ready? Nothing will go wrong” He reassured me. Our positions had swapped over the last half an hour. Kor started out worried his contact wouldn’t come through, but after we got the OK he took an emotional stand. I had slowly lost my nerve. But I needed to be on the ball.

The crawling continued.

“ETA five minutes” Kor said, “We should warp over now, do you think?”
“Yeah, lets head over. Just in case they are ahead of schedule” I said. I pointed our ships at the gate and took us into warp.
“Where should we wait?” He said.
“Just like we discussed. You wait 2km from the gate, and I will wait 5km from you.” It was important we followed the plan.
“Right. Just checking.” He replied. His ship moved into position, and I moved away from him. He would engage close-range, and I would engage long-range. When he explodes, I will warp to the rendezvous.
“No worries. So how…” A ship appeared. “Kor! Is this it?”
“YES! GO!” He began to accelerate in orbit of the frigate which had just arrived. Three more ships arrived in the system.


Waiting Game

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“Is waiting at a jump gate in low security space really a good idea?” I asked Kor as we were warping.
“Well, it’s fine as long as no one decides that a rookie ship and a Rifter would make fun target practise” He replied, obviously seeing his error.
“Maybe we should wait at the moon rendezvous till we hear from your informant, and keep our scanners warm” I said.
“That is a good idea. That will work.”

We jumped again from the gate to the first moon of the nearest planet. From here our ship’s scanners would be able to report every ship coming and going through the gate. We need to be at the gate when they convoy jumps through, but until Kor’s contact sends us the OK the job isn’t even officially on yet. The convoy had a few jumps before they get to our system.

“Any word?” I asked over the open comms.
“Not yet. Radio silence scares me.” Kor said. He did have a worried look on his face.
“It’s ok. There is still two hours till ETA. Plenty of time” I said reassuringly. I was worried as well.

A number of ships had come and gone through the gate in the past hours, but nothing remotely interesting. Most were cruiser and frigate class ships, obviously traveling through. There was a covert op’s ship which came through and stayed for a while before jumping back out, but that was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Hey Janette?” Kor said after another 30 minutes.
“Yeah Kor?” I replied, unsure about what he was going to say.
“It’s on. I got the OK. ETA 20 minutes”


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Today is the day. Today is the day. I found myself running  through all the scenarios of what could go wrong with the job, and how I could be worse off because I tried it. But then again, I really don’t have that much to lose.

Kor had docked back at the station and gave me his report on the rendezvous. It was all looking good.
“You ready to do this?” I asked Kor, as we finished going over the plan one last time for good measure.
“This is going to clear my name, and get me some sweet currency, and is going to help out you, my new associate. I am ready. This can only end well!” He said, with an air of optimism I had not expected.
“We could get blown out of the sky and be right back where we started, minus a Rifter” I said.
“Yeah, but who cares? With the chance for cash like this? Let’s do it!”
“You are right. There isn’t much to lose and a lot to gain. Have you heard from your buddy yet? Are we good to go?” I asked. He did make a good point.
“Well, I haven’t yet, but let’s head out to the gate. It’s just the waiting game now!”


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We arrived in the new system half an hour later. We had spent the time working out alternate routes through secure space which we could use to get back to our headquarters. After all, what good is stealing something if you can’t sell it afterwards? Firing up the warp drive for the last time that night I pointed us towards the station we had designated as our outpost. It was run by the Minmatar, so they won’t have a problem with us spending the night there.

After sleeping in my ship (which was a little cramped) I needed to stretch my legs. I disembarked and walked to where Kor should have been docked. He wasn’t there. What the hell? He docked with me and I said goodnight to him before I fell asleep. What has happened? I ran back to my ship trying to work out what could have happened. Once I was in my cockpit I opened a communication channel with him.

“Kor, where the hell are you?” I yelled, “The job is on today!”
“Calm down Janette! I am just checking out the moon we chose for the rendezvous. I woke up at 0500 and couldn’t get back to sleep.” He replied. He seemed calm, which was good. I guess I did overreact a little.
“Ok, well I need you back at the station soon. Your informant should be sending us the ‘ok’ soon enough. They are an hour or so out from this system. We need to be ready”
“No worries” he replied, “I’m on my way back now.”


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The communicator in my console beeped, indicating a new message for Kor. This was it.

“Kor: Just spoken with CEO. Turns out leak was different person on different level. Worked in our advantage. I offered to pilot frigate with cargo. CEO accepted. Same time, same system. New plan: Both attack us. One ship goes down, I chase second. I pop. Take cargo. I apologise and take wrap. With my cut I leave corp and start my own. Safe flying. Out.”

We both released the breath we had been holding, and began to smile. This meant the whole thing would go down smoother than we had expected, and we wouldn’t put ourselves in harm’s way as much.
“That’s a relief” Kor said, and sat back down on my bunk. “So the plan goes ahead. We are going to be rich!”
“Let’s not count our tritanium before it’s refined, hey?” I said, giving him a playful nudge. “But yes, it does look like we are gonna get a payday, finally!”

We continued to organize our belongings for the rest of the day. At 1700 that night we packed our ships and undocked. Setting our navigation computers for the low security system, I opened a communication channel to Kor.
“I hope that rookie ship is enough to fool them into thinking it is a bunch of novices.” I said. He was flying a Reaper, which looked ridiculous from my view screen.
“Not that we need it any more. With my informant flying the cargo frigate we will just waltz through this.” He said.
“I hope so.” I replied. It was going to be an interesting day tomorrow.

Spanners and Cogs

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The next morning I found myself sitting at the terminal in my quarters, slowly creating a fit for my Rifter that would surprise the victims of our little ambush. I fitted 200mm autocannons for damage, an explosive hardener, armor plating and armor repair. I needed to be able to survive a few frigates attacking me, while dealing as much damage as I could. The fit was incredibly important.

As I was deciding what ammunition type to bring, there was a knock on my door. A little startled, I got up and opened it to find Kor in a state of distress.
“Janette! We have a problem!” He gasped as he pushed past me and locked the door, “The Corporation found out somehow that they have a leak. They don’t know where it is, but it has them spooked!”
“How do you know?” I asked. This could be really bad. If they decided that moving the blueprint was too risky or were going to do it some other way, our whole plan was in trouble.
“My informant sent me a communication. He said they someone has been communicating with pirates, but not a lot else.” Kor seemed distraught. This plan succeeding was almost a matter of life and death to him.
“Ok, calm down.” I said, motioning for him to sit down on my bunk. “What else do we know? Is your informant still flying the decoy? Are they still moving at the same time?”
“Well, He didn’t have much time. He said he was going to try to find out what was going on over there, and keep our plan alive. I have offered him a cut of the loot as well”
“Sure. It’s ok. We will have to wait for him to get back to us. Lets continue getting ready, we still need to be on our toes for this” I said.

Kor calmed down once we started going through the plan again. We compared fittings and discussed strategy. It had been a few hours since Kor had contacted his informant, and he didn’t want to get him caught by trying to contact him again. We had to be vigilant and wait it out. The waiting is the hardest part.


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“So, how does this go down?” I asked.
“Well, my informant told me the route which they are taking to get to their new temporary system. The job itself is quite simple.” Kor said.

We spent the next half an hour going over the intricacies. The convoy, consisting of three attack frigates, a cruiser and an industrial ship would be passing through the low security space at a set time two days from now. The real cargo was an Original Blueprint for a battlecruiser-class ship, and is worth well over 300 million ISK. The industrial ship in the group is a decoy, the BPO will actually be carried by one of the frigates, which is what we needed to destroy.

Kor and myself will surprise the convoy at the gate out of the system, attacking just enough to provoke a response, then I will warp to the first moon at the closest planet. The informant, who will be flying the industrial ship will tell the convoy he has scanned me down to the moon, and will keep jumping, while the frigates take me out. In the mean time, Kor will let the pilots take out his ship, which will lull them into a false sense of security. When they warp to the moon, I will be waiting.

What could go wrong?

Kor headed back to his bunk to get some sleep. Tomorrow we needed to prepare ourselves and move what we needed to a station in the system. It was going to be a long day.