OOC: The First Chapter

Hey guys are girls.

This is my first Out Of Character post. Seeing as I finished the first chapter, I wanted to let you know what I am planning on doing.

Firstly, I am taking a break for a week or two (Not 100% sure when I will start back, soonish I think)

Secondly, I am going to compile all of my previous entries and proof them and put them through a vigorous editing process to make it a lot more coherent. Most of the entries were written late at night or at another time when I was rather tired and not 100% with it. I want to fix the small errors and incongruities.

And finally, I want to know what you thought about the first chapter! Did you like the size of each post, the frequency and the content? Feel free to comment on this post or contact me via twitter or email.

Thanks for the good times!



~ by Janette Davy on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “OOC: The First Chapter”

  1. I personally would prefer slightly longer posts, but I read them at school to distract me, and I read very fast, so I speak only for my preference

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