Conclusion Pt. 3 – The End

“Hey. Just in time to see me complete the mission.” I said to Kor over the comms. He had just saved the operation with a stroke a luck and timing.
“Oh yeah, I saw that. Your ship into structure and his barely out of shields. Very convincing.” He laughed back at me.
“Thanks for this. When did you get that cruiser?” I asked.
“Time for chatting later. Lets get these BPOs back to the station hey? I’ll buy you a drink.”
“Definitely! Let’s go”

We warped back to the station and docked. As I left my ship someone called me by name.
“Janette!” It was a tall woman walking towards me, with a smile on her face.
“Do I know you?” I asked, a little puzzled. I didn’t know anyone else at this station.
“Not by name or face,” she said, “My name is Louise. I am Kor’s friend, your informant in the other corporation.”
“Oh! Hey! Nice work out there. Well, nice exploding. The jettison container was a good idea though, wouldn’t want those blueprints to get destroyed in the wreck.” I said. It was good to finally meet her.
“Yeah, thanks. You too by the way, very skilful flying.” She said.
“Thanks. Coming to get a drink with us?” I asked as I saw Kor walking towards us.
“Sure. Let’s celebrate!”

We met up with Kor and congratulated each other again. Heading to the bar I noticed Kor and Louise giving each other strange looks behind my back. Something was up. When we got the to bar I went to order the drinks. I paid the bartender and walked back to our booth. The other two were sitting very close to each other.
“So, you two are an item?” I asked. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but I wasn’t going to comment.
“Yeah.” Louise said, “We have been talking about the job and, well, one thing led to another!”
“Well then. Congratulations again!” I said a little sarcastically, hoping they wouldn’t pick up on it. “Have you talked to our buyer?”
“I have” said Kor, ” And there is something I need to tell you”
“Oh, what’s that?” I asked, rather curious about what he would say.
“In that container there was actually TWO original blueprints for Battlecruisers. Which my contact will buy for 700 million ISK. 700. Million. ISK.” He said smiling.
“Woah. 700? And what is the split?” I asked. That was incredible. That sort of money could buy me anything I wanted. Anything at all.
“Well, I was going to give you 40% for helping me, I was going to take 30% and give Louise the last 30% to start her own corporation.” He said.
“Sounds fair. Glad I could help you out Kor, and thanks again Louise. It has been fun!”

40% of 700 million is 280 million ISK. That will keep me happy for quite some time.


~ by Janette Davy on February 4, 2010.

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