Conclusion Pt. 2

I locked on to the second frigate and let loose the EM death of my autocannons. I began orbiting and tried to keep my speed as high as possible to avoid as much damage as I could. The first frigate turned towards me and engaged it’s targeting computer, while the second began accelerating towards me. It was almost down to 50% armor and I had not taken much damage.

I activated my warp scrambler on the first ship, and hoped that I hadn’t made a bad decision. As the second frigate exploded it dropped a jettison container which must contain the BPOs this whole operation was based around. Locking on to the second frigate I fired another volley while maneuvering into range to collect the contents of the container.

The remaining frigate activated a stasis webifier, killing my speed. I was about 5KM from the container as I noticed my armor was almost completely shot. There wasn’t a lot I could do other than cross my fingers and hope. The attacker’s shield was gone and I was into their armor, but I was going down almost as fast.

Another 5 seconds and I could feel the projectiles pounding into my structure. Closing my eyes, I was about to accept my fate when the pounding stopped. I opened my eyes and checked the overview. The frigate was destroyed, and a new cruiser was sitting next to the container. It was Kor. We had done it.


~ by Janette Davy on February 3, 2010.

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