Conclusion Part 1

The warp drive engaged and I headed towards the rendezvous point. If everything went as planned, Kor would have warped his pod to the station, and the informant would be warping towards me now.

I dropped out of warp a few thousand kilometers from the moon and realigned my Rifter to the gate. Firing up my ship’s scanner, I did a quick 90 degree scan of the region of space between myself and where the informant should be flying. There was nothing on my scanner. If he doesn’t warp to me, the entire plan is down the drain.

I scanned the area again. Still nothing.

I was starting to worry again. I went over my ship’s systems to pass the time. 46% shield, 80% armor, 100% structure. 200mm autocannons reloaded. I scanned the area again. There was two frigates inbound. There wasn’t meant to be two frigates. I might have to put up a fight.

I turned my engines up to full speed, and prepared to target both the ships when they dropped out of warp. I almost missed the blinking communication icon on my instruments. It was a message from someone I hadn’t heard of before.
“I’m informant, incoming w/ another frigate. You need kill them, I will pretend attack.”

By the time I had finished reading they were out of warp. I targeted both the frigates. It was time to guess.


~ by Janette Davy on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Conclusion Part 1”

  1. The second to emerge from the dark age was the mighty Amarr Empire, who conquered their original home planet. Merely 2’000 years ago the Amarr rediscovered space flight and began to explore their home system. Soon after, an intact stargate was found in their very own system. The Amarr proceeded to reverse engineer the celestial object and uncover the secrets behind it. It was in 21290 AD the Amarr constructed the first modern stargate and connected it to the nearby system of Hedion. They began to slowly explore space, conquering planets and nations such as the Minmatar Republic as they traversed through solar system to solar system. Eventually in 23508 AD, the Amarr Empire finally discovered the warp drive, enabling them to expand at a much more rapid pace. In doing so they met the Gallente, Caldari and Jove empires within a short space of time in 23180 AD. The Amarr thought the Gallente were too powerful to conquer so they set their sites on what appeared to be a vulnerable race, the Jove. After a crushing defeat by the Jove, the Amarr retreated only to find the Minmatar had used the opportunity to break free from slavery and cast the Amarr out of their system. This embarrassing ordeal forced the Amarr into a state of recovery and, ever since, have been acting more cautiously, developing a more peaceful stance towards the rest of the cluster.

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