I targeted the first ship and fired a volley at it. The key to the plan was getting Kor destroyed and warping out, while not making it obvious we were trying to explode.

“Uhh, Janette?” Kor said. There was an explosion in the background as the ship retaliated.
“Yeah? What’s up?” The industrial ship had just appeared in the system, and was attempting to warp out.
“My contact isn’t here yet.” He said. The contact needed to be this side of the gate for our plan to work.
“How is your ship holding up?” I asked.
“Not amazing. I’m into armor, and only one of the other ships has started attacking me.”

As he said that the other ships targeted my Rifter. My weapons had made short work of the first frigate, then I targeted the second.
“Kor, everyone has targeted me. Your friend needs to be here NOW!” I yelled over the comms. Luckily the cruisers in the group had a hard time tracking me.
“I’ll send him a message. If he can come through the gate, he can finish me off, then you can warp out. Hold on”

The second frigate didn’t have much defense, but it was making a serious dent in my shield. I fired my autocannons again, and tried to maneuver away from its optimal range. As I was watching another frigate appeared in my overview.
“Kor? That him?” I asked quickly.
“Yeah, he got my message. I’m gonna…” Kor’s ship exploded finally, and the new ship targeted me. Time to leave.


~ by Janette Davy on February 1, 2010.

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