The time crawled slower than a freighter aligning for warp. The ETA was twenty minutes away, and we had waited at this moon for over three hours. You would think that being a pilot of a ship which travels faster than the speed of light at would make you more levelheaded, but for those last twenty minutes I was a mess.

“Are we ready?” I asked Kor for the fourth time in as many minutes.
“How could we be more ready? Nothing will go wrong” He reassured me. Our positions had swapped over the last half an hour. Kor started out worried his contact wouldn’t come through, but after we got the OK he took an emotional stand. I had slowly lost my nerve. But I needed to be on the ball.

The crawling continued.

“ETA five minutes” Kor said, “We should warp over now, do you think?”
“Yeah, lets head over. Just in case they are ahead of schedule” I said. I pointed our ships at the gate and took us into warp.
“Where should we wait?” He said.
“Just like we discussed. You wait 2km from the gate, and I will wait 5km from you.” It was important we followed the plan.
“Right. Just checking.” He replied. His ship moved into position, and I moved away from him. He would engage close-range, and I would engage long-range. When he explodes, I will warp to the rendezvous.
“No worries. So how…” A ship appeared. “Kor! Is this it?”
“YES! GO!” He began to accelerate in orbit of the frigate which had just arrived. Three more ships arrived in the system.


~ by Janette Davy on January 31, 2010.

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