Waiting Game

“Is waiting at a jump gate in low security space really a good idea?” I asked Kor as we were warping.
“Well, it’s fine as long as no one decides that a rookie ship and a Rifter would make fun target practise” He replied, obviously seeing his error.
“Maybe we should wait at the moon rendezvous till we hear from your informant, and keep our scanners warm” I said.
“That is a good idea. That will work.”

We jumped again from the gate to the first moon of the nearest planet. From here our ship’s scanners would be able to report every ship coming and going through the gate. We need to be at the gate when they convoy jumps through, but until Kor’s contact sends us the OK the job isn’t even officially on yet. The convoy had a few jumps before they get to our system.

“Any word?” I asked over the open comms.
“Not yet. Radio silence scares me.” Kor said. He did have a worried look on his face.
“It’s ok. There is still two hours till ETA. Plenty of time” I said reassuringly. I was worried as well.

A number of ships had come and gone through the gate in the past hours, but nothing remotely interesting. Most were cruiser and frigate class ships, obviously traveling through. There was a covert op’s ship which came through and stayed for a while before jumping back out, but that was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Hey Janette?” Kor said after another 30 minutes.
“Yeah Kor?” I replied, unsure about what he was going to say.
“It’s on. I got the OK. ETA 20 minutes”


~ by Janette Davy on January 30, 2010.

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