We arrived in the new system half an hour later. We had spent the time working out alternate routes through secure space which we could use to get back to our headquarters. After all, what good is stealing something if you can’t sell it afterwards? Firing up the warp drive for the last time that night I pointed us towards the station we had designated as our outpost. It was run by the Minmatar, so they won’t have a problem with us spending the night there.

After sleeping in my ship (which was a little cramped) I needed to stretch my legs. I disembarked and walked to where Kor should have been docked. He wasn’t there. What the hell? He docked with me and I said goodnight to him before I fell asleep. What has happened? I ran back to my ship trying to work out what could have happened. Once I was in my cockpit I opened a communication channel with him.

“Kor, where the hell are you?” I yelled, “The job is on today!”
“Calm down Janette! I am just checking out the moon we chose for the rendezvous. I woke up at 0500 and couldn’t get back to sleep.” He replied. He seemed calm, which was good. I guess I did overreact a little.
“Ok, well I need you back at the station soon. Your informant should be sending us the ‘ok’ soon enough. They are an hour or so out from this system. We need to be ready”
“No worries” he replied, “I’m on my way back now.”


~ by Janette Davy on January 28, 2010.

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