Spanners and Cogs

The next morning I found myself sitting at the terminal in my quarters, slowly creating a fit for my Rifter that would surprise the victims of our little ambush. I fitted 200mm autocannons for damage, an explosive hardener, armor plating and armor repair. I needed to be able to survive a few frigates attacking me, while dealing as much damage as I could. The fit was incredibly important.

As I was deciding what ammunition type to bring, there was a knock on my door. A little startled, I got up and opened it to find Kor in a state of distress.
“Janette! We have a problem!” He gasped as he pushed past me and locked the door, “The Corporation found out somehow that they have a leak. They don’t know where it is, but it has them spooked!”
“How do you know?” I asked. This could be really bad. If they decided that moving the blueprint was too risky or were going to do it some other way, our whole plan was in trouble.
“My informant sent me a communication. He said they someone has been communicating with pirates, but not a lot else.” Kor seemed distraught. This plan succeeding was almost a matter of life and death to him.
“Ok, calm down.” I said, motioning for him to sit down on my bunk. “What else do we know? Is your informant still flying the decoy? Are they still moving at the same time?”
“Well, He didn’t have much time. He said he was going to try to find out what was going on over there, and keep our plan alive. I have offered him a cut of the loot as well”
“Sure. It’s ok. We will have to wait for him to get back to us. Lets continue getting ready, we still need to be on our toes for this” I said.

Kor calmed down once we started going through the plan again. We compared fittings and discussed strategy. It had been a few hours since Kor had contacted his informant, and he didn’t want to get him caught by trying to contact him again. We had to be vigilant and wait it out. The waiting is the hardest part.


~ by Janette Davy on January 26, 2010.

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