“My help?” I was dumbfounded. Why should I help someone I barely know (who almost cost me a ship) save his own ass? Surely he couldn’t expect me to do that out of the kindness of my heart. That was it. Of course. Loot!
“Well, I will cut you in on the gig, make it very worth your while” He explained. Considering the contact from Nexus Fleet told me he owed the price of a Battleship, possibly over 100 million, this could definitely be a lucrative investment. The job must be looking to make a packet.
“How worth my while?” I inquired, fishing for a little more information.
“Let’s just say that you won’t be flying Rifters for much longer. More like it’s older cousin, the Maelstrom.”
“That is very tempting. What sort of job are we looking at? Tell me the plan.” I said. If I was going to agree to something that could be suicidal I need to know what we are up against.

He looked around the bar. There were two other patrons and the bar tender, however it obviously wasn’t private enough for this particular discussion. We got up, paid the tab and headed back to my quarters. I stepped through the door and sat down on my bunk, Kor followed me through and locked the door.
“I have an informant in another large corporation based about 5 jumps from here. My informant tells me they are moving base due to a war in their system, and involved in this move will be a tidy sum worth of assets” Kor had sat down at the chair at my desk.
“So we are talking about industrial ships, with convoys, and we are taking one down?” That didn’t sound possible. Not with a couple of Rifters versus a whole corporation.
“Not exactly. My informants is the pilot of one of the industrial ships”
“Oh, that is more like it” I said, breathing a sigh of relief internally.
“Don’t think it will be that easy.” He said, once again looking at me dead serious. “You are the distraction.”


~ by Janette Davy on January 24, 2010.

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