“What the hell is your problem!?” I yelled, slamming Kor up against a bulkhead in the station, my arm to his throat. “You did see those TWO cruisers just waltz into the belt? You almost cost me a ship!”
“I’m… I’m sor…” He coughed but didn’t fight back.
“Sorry doesn’t cut it. Tell me what the HELL is up with you!” I loosened my grip on his throat.
“Look, I’m sorry! I should never…” He coughed. I wasn’t giving him much room to breath. “Never have lost focus. It won’t happen again.”
“You are damn right it won’t happen again! Cause if it does, I won’t save your ass. There will be one Rifter docking at the station.” I spat at him. Thanks to his near-death experience, the repair bills were greater than the bounty we gained from the two frigate pilots.

I let his throat go and gave him some time to breath.
“So, now you have to tell me what it is you have been thinking about so deeply” I said.
“It’s just some past issues. I don’t want to get you involved” He replied, looking guilty.
“Let me guess. Nexus Fleet is trying to get some money off you, and you don’t know how to pay them”
“No I…” He choked on his words again. “How the hell did you hear about that?” The expression on his face was priceless.
“I got a call from their CEO. Said they had heard I was flying with you, and gave me the heads up. Nice chap. Not very talkative.”
“And you still are flying with me? Anyone else would have ditched me!” He said.
“Yeah, well, it was a bad decision after all wasn’t it?” I replied in a snippy tone.

We walked to the bar, and got ourselves a round of drinks. Not much else to do while our ships were in for repairs.
“So what are we going to do from here?” I asked, not terribly interested in the glowing orange drink in my cup.
“Well, that’s the thing… That is why I have been so preoccupied.” He looked me dead in the eyes, “I have been given an opportunity, and I could use your help.”


~ by Janette Davy on January 23, 2010.

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