Sure enough, we dropped out of warp right on top of a pack of Gurista thugs flying frigates. Usually the pirate ships are very poorly fitted and are an easy bounty. I targeted the nearest one and began orbiting, firing volleys of EMP and missiles. Kor wasn’t moving.

“Kor, What are you doing!?” I shouted over the comms.
“Wha… Oh, yeah” His ship began accelerating and started attacking another pirate. I couldn’t have him put me in harm’s way like this. Something has to be up.
“Get your eyes on the game, here. I need you to have my back” I said, as another pirate popped.

We took out the small group, and I was heading in to collect the loot when two cruisers appeared on my overview. It must have been called here because that patrol we killed hadn’t reported in, which raised an alarm.

“Kor” I said, with urgency on my voice.
“Hmm?” He replied. He had that far-off look in his eyes again.
“KOR! OVERVIEW!” I yelled, turning round in an attempt to reach them before they reached him.

The cruisers launched a volley of missiles, directly at Kor’s Rifter which had only just started to move. The missiles connected, dropping his armor and shields almost to nothing. It was time to go. I sent the override command to Kor’s ship and took remote control of his warp drive. I pointed us both at the station and jumped. We hit warp just as the second volley of missiles was launched. Kor was going to pay for this!


~ by Janette Davy on January 22, 2010.

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