I was deep in thought as I walked toward the hanger the next morning. I had done some quick research on the corporation which had contacted me the night before and they appeared to be serious. They had an office not far from here and probably had spies crawling all over these systems. I was so engrossed in thought that I almost walked into Kor.

“Well, look who is back!” I exclaimed, trying to cover up the fact I didn’t notice him.
“Oh, hey, yeah. Got back a few minutes ago.” His glowing blue eyes were unsettled. “What are we doing today?”
“Figured we would just head…” Kor wasn’t paying attention. “Kor! What’s wrong?”
“Me? Oh, nothing. Not much sleep” He said. visibly concentrating on focusing his attention
“Are you ok? Will you be right flying today?”
“I’ll be fine. We need the cash to really get up and moving into the big league. Lets do it!”
“Fine. I just want to snoop some belts, take out some of the Gurista thugs which have been hanging round in the system recently. Might pick up some intel on a base camp, maybe find ourselves a score.” I explained. “So let’s go.”

We jumped into our ships (my Rifter with a new fit, specifically designed for more armor) and undocked. Setting our destination for the first belt on the fourth planet in the solar system, we jumped to warp. Today we are going to make some money!


~ by Janette Davy on January 21, 2010.

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