Late Night Call

After a post-flight drink together (The bar’s selection still hadn’t gotten any better), Kor informed me that he had some business to take care of a few jumps away, and he would be back the next day. This was fine by me, as I had some research to do on Rifter fittings, and needed to work out how he beat me.

I went back to my quarters, which admittedly were not much to look at, but all I needed. Sitting at my console, I logged in to the market and virtual ship fitting system which comes with every station, and began working. The hours slipped by, and my understanding of the simple, but versatile ship grew. I even had some ideas for our next skirmish. It was about 0130 the next morning by the time I finally rolled on to my bunk.

Sleep was not prolonged, however, as I was woken by a loud buzz coming from my console. I checked the time. 0304. Who was trying to open comms with me this late?
“Hello?” I said, with an undertone of anger.
“Good day,” Said an older-looking man in a suit, “I am a member of The Nexus Fleet corporation. You probably have not heard of us, but we have heard word of you flying with a pilot who left us not long ago.”
“Who? What? How do you know what I am doing?” I said, a bit shocked that he knew so much. All this only happened a day ago.
“That is not of importance. What is important is that you understand who you are flying with.” The man took a breath, “Kormacht ‘Kor’ Nische owes T.N.F. a lot of money. When he joined our corporation a few weeks ago, we loaned him some starter cash to buy a ship, and fit it to defend one of our corp’s stations. Instead of doing what we asked, he took the money and ran. It was enough to buy a Battleship, and Tech 2 fittings.”
“Sounds like you deserve everything you got” I replied, smiling.
“You don’t understand. He has done this to 4 major corporations in total, and he won’t stop. Myself and two other corps which he has swindled, are now hunting him. We know his last stop was your station. Be warned.” The connection was closed before I could get another snide comment in.

Climbing back into my bunk, I couldn’t help but think I was starting to like this “Kor” more and more as I got to know him.


~ by Janette Davy on January 20, 2010.

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