The Name

Orbiting his Rifter at a comfortable distance, the fight looked as good as over. He was down to half armor and I was shield-reping the damage that he was throwing my way.
“Not what I had hoped” I said jokingly over the comms.
“Oh, well I could try harder then!” He replied. A second after he replied, his shield flew back to full, and I was caught in a web. He flew out to about 5KM, and launched a volley of artillery which struck my shields, annihilating them, and adding another set of scratches to my armor.
“What the hell  just happened?” I yelled as my shield stopped repairing and my capacitor finally ran dry. He stopped firing and released the web.
“Well, when you fit a Rifter with artillery, and a medium shield booster, then chances are you can take someone when they get cocky and think they have won” He replied, with an air of smugness.
“True. I will have to be on my guard next time” I said, trying to save face. “So, now you have proven yourself, are you going to finally tell me your name?”
“My name?” He said, with a smirk, “Well you never asked. It’s Kormacht, but call me Kor.”
“Well Kor, interested in flying with me?”

We pulled back into the station, and set up our ships for repair. It had been a good day. Kor was obviously a talented pilot, and had been around the area a bit longer than I had. He would be useful to me, for now at least.


~ by Janette Davy on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “The Name”

  1. Shield booster, web, and a warp disruptor doesn’t leave any room for a propulsion mod though (not to mention the rifter’s terrible shield resists). 😉

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