The Day After

Waking up after the previous night wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. The crap from the bar was not as strong as it tasted.

Walking towards the hanger at 1100 was no small feat. I had been thinking all morning about whether I wanted to go through with this partnership or not. There was a good chance he would just slow me down and take all my glory. Maybe I should ditch him before I even find out his name. Then again I could be wasting one of the better contacts I could make out here. Someone who I can talk to and fly with.

“Good Morning!” Shocked, I looked up to see my new acquaintance leaning against my Rifter, smiling at me from under his large sunglasses. “Bout time you showed up.”
“It’s fifteen minutes early” I replied.
“Never too early for killing, or making money” He said, “You ready to fly?”
“Sure. Lets see what you can do.”

We pulled out of the station and the first thing I noticed was his ship. It was a Rifter, but it’s armor was impeccable.
“New ship?” I asked over the comms.
“I read up on what you were flying, and bought one. They look pretty neat. I used to fly a Kestrel, but I think this will work”
“Well, it’s good to know what our ships are capable of. Lets get some practice in” I said. It was time to see what this newcomer could do with a Rifter.

We warped together to a deadspace pocket I had bookmarked from a previous day. As soon as we dropped out of warp, I targeted him and let a slew of EMP splash across his shields. It was time to play…


~ by Janette Davy on January 18, 2010.

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