Pointing my new Rifter at the nearest gate, I kicked the warp drive to life and for the first time saw the bubble. The blue and purple ripples of subspace, where someone can lose themselves if they stare too hard.

Pirates. To become one you must understand the competition. Or at least that is what I have heard. I needed to try my hand at the lowlifes which hang around asteroid belts, looking for an easy kill. Better to start with them than get under the nose of the wrong capsuleer, isn’t it? My destination was a random belt in a star system far enough away from CONCORD’s eyes that I would be safe plucking off the easy kills.

Dropping out of warp, I noticed four ships on my overview. Two frigates and two battleships. Bastards had me out-gunned, and it was my first real fight. I couldn’t just leave. I had set myself a goal and needed to prove I meant business. The afterburner hummed as I surged forward, pointed directly at the closest frigate. When I was within range I let loose the autocannons, denting the shield on the first rat

Traveling at 890 m/s obviously wasn’t fast enough. I heard a sizzle as slugs from the enemies railguns ricocheted off my shield. Two hits later it was gone. The first frigate was down to half armor, but the battleships were getting into their optimal. I activated my hull-repair and watched my capacitor dwindle.

The first pirate exploded, but the second was quick to take up the slack. My armor was disappearing, and I could feel the thrusters on my very first ship giving out. This was the time to leave. Firing up the warp drive and using what little capacitor, I headed to the nearest station.

I didn’t want my first trip foray into the universe to end this way, but I guess I bit off more than I could chew. Climbing out my pod in the desolate station, I admired the scratches on my ship. When I get it repaired, I will ask them to leave the scratches there. To remind me that I am not a God. If I was, would I be flying a frigate?


~ by Janette Davy on January 16, 2010.

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