For as long as I can remember I have known this day was coming.

The day that I would finally climb into my pod, leave the station and give the universe what it deserves. What it owes me.

Staring out of the bridge of my brand new Rifter I could feel the ripples of my destiny unfolding around me, pushing me forward, edging me on. I checked the ship computer for the third time.

It was dark outside. Having lived planet-side on a Minmatar world for the first years of my life, I was not used to such consuming darkness. The star in this system was too far away to be anything but a blip on my overview. I let my mind drift back to my home. If you could call it that.

My parents were never around. My father left to become a capsuleer when I was six and never came back, and my mother… She spent her time with the wrong crowd, in the wrong districts. My older sister and I had to look after ourselves, which on our planet, meant hiding. The tribal leaders would often sell young Matari children into slavery, sometimes even to the Amarrians. Bastards.

What am I doing? Here I am, in space, with the universe at my whim, and I am reminiscing about the old days? It is time to get some payback.


~ by Janette Davy on January 15, 2010.

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